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Re: [AT-L] Walking Sticks vs Ski Poles

>Walking Sticks.  Are we talking comfy pieces of trail debrit or aircraft
>aluminium railroad supports?  I have rusty knees and hadn't heard of anyone
>using these fancy things until a few years ago.  Are there any tried and
>trued examples of wood vs alloy?  Inquiring minds like mine wanna know.

I don't have knee problems, but I have the Leki Super Makalus. I love them.
They have helped my stride and endurance incredibly, not to mention my

The alloy ones are quite lightweight - and the Lekis that I have have a
shock-absorbing spring inside. I think that is the main difference between
the wood and metal ones.

On a side note, on a trip to the Shenandoahs, I discovered that the Lekis
have another use - bear repellents. Just a few clanks of the Lekis against
each other, and mother and baby took off running. :)

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