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Re: [AT-L] Sticky, Icky Kraft Dinner

At 01:38 PM 9/8/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I understand that Kraft Dinner is one of the staples of many thru-hiker's
>diets. Maybe I could get some advice on how to cook it properly in the
>I thought that the easiest thing in the world to take was that Kraft Dinner
>stuff. However, when I made it on the last trip it was horrible. The noodles
>were sticky and mushy. No one would eat it.  It looked like a big sticky
>overcooked mess.
>I have a Whisperlite and a 1.5 litre cookpot with lid to make it in. I was
>hoping I would need a bigger pot for just the two of us. 
>Can anyone give exact instructions (cooking times, water amounts, rinse/no
>rinse) for this dish?


        If they came out the way you said they did, then you overcooked the
noodles. I cooked this glop a number of times on the trail - no problems.  I
just followed the directions on the box.  You don't have to rinse the
noodles, just drain the water off, then add the other ingredients.

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