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Re: [AT-L] Lotsa Questions

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Adam FrancisSmith wrote:

> Now for my questions:
>     There seems to be a controversy surrounding the use of boots
> versus jogging shoes. Any opinions?

personally I'd think it crazy to not wear boots that support the ankles 
if you're carrying a pack.

>     Jardine suggested that feet will grow up to 2 shoe sizes
> under the stress of thru-hiking. Has anyone noticed this type
> of thing happen to them?


> Gear stuff:
>     Tent- Eureka Zepher. Are bivies/semi-bivies o.k.? Could the
>           rainfly be altered by a pro? Maybe attach a good nylon
>           tarp over the entrance for a dry place for my pack and
>           shoes/boots?

I carried an OR bivy this summer for 600+ miles. The weight, 2 lb., is 
great. I found it functional, and even kept my down bag dry with the 
exception of a second night in a row pitching in the rain - bag got 
fairly damp then. 

And you can use it in a shelter to keep the no-see-ums out. 

Down side to it is that it's cramped and I wished for the luxury of a tent
- extra weight notwithstanding. 

I thought of including a fly w/ the OR bivy, but the combination weighed 
almost as much as a tent. I didn't miss having a fly much if any.

>     Filter- PUR Hiker (unless something better comes out)

I had no problems with the PUR Hiker.

>     Bag- clueless?? What was that about Feather Friends?? Is it down?
>          How can anything keep a down bag dry?

With care it's easy. Mine only got damp once. The weight savings is great.

>     Umbrellas- Do they work as advertised in the book? Have any of you
>                tried them?

why would you want to bring an umbrella

>     Stove- I'm totally confused about this one. There seems to be 20
>            to 30 good ones and then there's all of the different gases
>            Clueless???

Whisperlite International - reliable and field maintainable. Coleman is 
easy to get on the AT - if not, use unleaded. Stinks, but it works. And 
you can get them to simmer - takes finesse. 

>                   the fanged population (Snakes...It had to be snakes.)

avoid stepping on them - and they'll avoid you

>     Palmtop Computer- I want to be able to post a trail journal, but
>                       little else. Is it even possible to keep one of
>                       these things intact? How?

I think you'd regret the weight and bother. Mail the journal to have it 
posted. Keep it simple. 

> There! I realize this is a ridiculously long list of questions. I am
> sorry about that. I'm just don't have a budget to make major mistakes
> on gear. Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.

You're welcome - 

Jim Bruton