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Re: [AT-L] Lotsa Questions

Hey Underduck;

>    Both authors pointed to nutrition as being a major problem
>on the trail. Has anybody ever tried using Met-RX or any of the
>other mega-nutritional supplements on the trail? Did they help?

Would also be interested in hearing opinions about nutritional supplements
on the trail versus power bars and the like.  Mind you, all you have to do
for preparation with a power bar is unwrap the darn thing.... :)

>    Bag- clueless?? What was that about Feather Friends?? Is it down?
>         How can anything keep a down bag dry?

Feathered Friends would be great if you would rather pay for quality than go
cheap.  Suffice it to say after I found the Feathered Friends site (
www.halcyon.com/featherd/ ) today, I found my bag!  How to keep it dry?  If
you don't mind springing for it, a Dryloft shell seems to be the thing.  I
also plan on putting mine into either a garbage bag or stuff sack or both
before putting it into my pack, just in case.  I've decided the Feathered
Friends Swallow bag is the one for me -- it's 700+ fill, rated 20F, 5-1/2"
loft, weighs ( GET THIS!!)  *1lb 15oz*!, has no side block baffle for
redistribution, and is roomier in the hip and foot area.  The Dryloft
version is $335 (the only downside, but for the quality is worth it -- rave
reviews in Backpacker Mag.) and the Nylon shell version is $245, which ( I
think...) not too bad for what you're getting.

>    Wet Gear- Marmot Denali Jacket and Guide pants (is this overkill??)
>              Also heard about some Nike wet gear that was supposed to
>              be pretty decent

Is the Marmot Denali a Gore-tex jacket?  I'm still pondering on that
subject... I know the AT is a wet trail, but I'm wondering if perhaps a
hydrophobic fabric would serve me maybe just as well?

>    Stove- I'm totally confused about this one. There seems to be 20
>           to 30 good ones and then there's all of the different gases
>           Clueless???

I went with the Whisperlite International and have nada in the way of
complaints.  Runs on naptha.  Getting it to simmer, however, is a bit of an
art. :)

Well, hope this all was of some sort of use to you and good luck on getting
your gear together!

Happy shopping,
Ga -> Me '97