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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: Enough on Electronics.....Lets talk Food !!

>I started out on my hike fixing fancier things, but ended up with Lipton's
>noodles and instant oatmeal for the convenience.  When you're on the trail,
>you put up with boring food, but when you hit town you go for it.  Then you
>don't have to carry as much food.  

While I was hiking, my main meals were Liptons, Quaker instant oatmeal
(cinnamon and suger, yum), peanut butter and Ritz crackers, and Power bars.
It's not very appealing, but it was easy to prepare, cheap, and gave some
fairly decent filling to the stomach.  After a long day of hiking, all you
really want to do is eat and get to sleep as quickly as you can.  After
a while, your body also seems to sense what it needs.  You begin to notice
you want anything green, like salad bars, whenever you come to a town.  In
my case, I began to develop this odd craving for Sunkist Orange sodas.  I
suppose there was something in them relating to citric acid or vitamin C
that my body wanted.  I never really drank them before being on the Trail,
and haven't drank them very much since getting off. Yet I drank as many 
as I could while hiking.  Strange..