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Re: [AT-L] Clothing Advice-Oct. hike in WV

Hi Stormy,

I'm no expert, though there are many on this list that qualify. But I will
recommend a good book: Karen Berger's HIKING AND BACKPACKING (Norton, 1995;
$17.95). It's a good basic intro, in plain language, with lots of examples
and lots of common sense. Contents are:

        1       Starting Out
        2       Learning to Walk
        3       Gear: What to Wear
        4       Gear: What to Carry
        5       Food
        6       No-trace Camping
        7       Backcountry 911
        8       Bugs and Bugaboos
        9       The Wild Kingdom
        10      Finding Your Way
        11      Sharing the Adventure
        12      Going Farther

It's a little more up-to-date than Frank and Victoria Logue's (also
excellent) book on hiking the AT, and is aimed at people who'll be hiking
anywhere from the Sierras to the Rockies to the Appalachians, rather than
just at AT hikers.

It got me safely up and down the mountain on my first-ever backpacking
trip, and the information passed along on this list confirms, rather than
contradicts, Berger's points.

My .007  (that's Bond. James Bond)

Robert Rubin
Rhyming Worm

Robert Rubin
PATH Newsletter Editor
Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers