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Re: [AT-L] Trail's End (Gutsy's Journal)

>August 29, Thursday
>   Well, it's over.  Five months of following the white blazes is done.  

>    I could hardly believe that we were finally at the top when I saw the
>sign.  It seemed like, surely, we would have farther to go.
> I may not have had as much "fun" as others, but I
>accomplished what I wanted, and no one can ever take that away from me.  

Hoo-ah, Gutsy!! :-)  (much applause)   Thanks so much for "sending" us part
of the AT in e-mail.......ever since you started (as well as the
Kushmans...)  I'd looked forward to getting your updates through the list.
It just adds all that much more to the anticipation of my upcoming
thru-hike! It was mighty wide of you to share your experiences with us, both
good and bad, so a H-U-G-E thank you from me and, I'm sure, everyone else on
the list for letting us "be there" with you.  You go, girl! :)

Take care,
Ga -> Me '97