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electronics on trail

Gosh, this has discussion been deja vu all over again. Daniel is right - 
everybody thinking the same _is_ scary. Even scarier when it's 
anti-technology views on the internet, for goodness' sake.

About stuff I don't carry, like cell phone and computer, I'd just say that
it's not very useful, to me, and I'd judge for most people. But what I do
carry is a radio. There have been some statements to the effect that
listening to the radio really misses something about the trail. I beg to
I listen to mostly classical and folk music from public radio on the
AT as well as news like ATC and Morning Edition. It's all public radio, 
when I can get it. Ads are too obnoxious to bear out on the trail. 

Classical music turned down low kind of "floats" gently in my head, while 
I can hear most environmental cues. Granted, I miss the very smallest 
sounds that might tip me off to, say, a rare sighting of a fox, but I'm 
willing to trade that for ...

Two: the fact that walking alone every day for eight to ten hours for
weeks at a stretch, too tired to read for very long at night, I get

What the anti-radio comments missed is the fact that there's such a thing 
as the _ARTS_, for cryin' out loud! On the trail I can take the time to 
concentrate on and appreciate long classical pieces, lengthy readings 
from books, and in-depth discussions and essays on news shows. 

And I listen to silence a lot, too.

Mostly I feel compelled to socialize with other hikers so much that I 
don't get much radio-listening in, during the mornings and evenings.

Jim Bruton