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SAR training announcement

My organization, Bartow County Emergency Management Agency, and its
volunteer EMA Search Team, is hosting a Fundamentals of Search and Rescue
(FUNSAR) course in north Georgia about an hour from Springer.  This would be
an excellent course for hikers and backpackers interested in honing their
wilderness and survival skills.  Moreover, we have several dyed-in-the-wool
backpackers who found an interest in SAR and joined us.  So if you're not
interested, please skip.  

Thanks--Jim Greenway
FUNSAR Search and Rescue Course To Be Taught in North Georgia

September 20-23 & 27-30, 1996
Cartersville, Georgia

A Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) course will be taught at the
Bartow County Sheriff's Dept., Cartersville, Ga. from Friday evening through
Sunday afternoon during the weekends of Sept. 20-23 and 27-30, 1996.

The course is an excellent introduction to search and rescue and the
underlying concepts.  FUNSAR is developed and organized by the National
Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), which is recognized by the U.S.
government and the international SAR community for its standards of search
training. The course focuses on searcher skills and personal safety and
preparedness.  Classroom and field work will culminate in a practice search
and emergency-shelter improvisation at night. Students will learn:

--the components of SAR operations;
--the basic categories of search tactics;
--the tactical skills actually used in a search;
--the elements of the STOP survival situation plan;
--how to select and use appropriate clothing and supplies in a "24-hour
ready   pack;"
--elementary search management, including the Incident Command System;
--profiles of different categories of lost persons and how their behavior
lost-personal behavior 
--basic land navigation techniques, including night navigation;
--methods of improvisation in emergency situations; and
--simple rope skills and litter-transport of victims.

FUNSAR is recommended for those:
--whom are new to search and rescue or are interested in becoming involved;
--experienced searchers who want to refresh or polish their skills;
--emergency responders (police/fire/EMS/Emergency Management) who assist or
support SAR operations; and
-community members and others (backpackers/hunters/scouts/scout leaders)
who have outdoor interests or hobbies and are interested in developing their
wilderness skills in an organized way.

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Williams, a certified NASAR
instructor, from Warner-Robins, Georgia.  It is being hosted by the Bartow
County Emergency Management Agency with the help of the Bartow County
Sheriff's Department and the Ga. Department of Natural Resources.  

COST: $135 for NASAR members or $155 (which includes a 1-year NASAR
student membership) for non-NASAR members.

TO SIGN UP: Send your name, address, day- and evening telephone numbers, and
organizational affiliation (if any) to "FUNSAR Registration," PO Box 2224,
Warner-Robins GA  31099-2224 NO LATER THAN 09/15/96. The course will be
cancelled if less than 12 students enroll.  No refunds of fees will be made
to anyone withdrawing after 09/20/96. 

FYI: contact Richard Williams at 912/929-1734 or by
e-mail at RichWill@aol.com, or Jim Greenway at greenway@marlin.innerx.net.