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Electronic etiquettes

I appreciate all the feedback so many of you have given concerning
electronics on the AT. You comments seem to mirror what the '96 northbound
thru-hikers told me earlier this year as they passed through Hot Springs.
In summary, some folks want an AT experience completely devoid of
electronics, both theirs and others. Other folks seem to want or need the
benefits of electronics with them as they experience the woods.

It is apparent to me that people with both viewpoints will be thru-hiking
the AT in '97. Therefore, for inclusion in the '97 Handbook, I will set
forth suggested guidelines for on-Trail use of electronic
equipment--hopefully guidelines that will allow both groups to do their
thing without interferring with each other.

The question for me at this particular moment (with a December Handbook
deadline looming ever closer), is not whether electronics should be
present on the AT, but instead what etiquettes should be suggested for
their use. Specifically, what etiquettes should be observed by people
using the following: 1. radios, 2. TVs, 3. tape recorders, 4. cameras, 5.
videocameras, 6. cellular phones and beepers, 7. computers, and 8. GPS

I would greatly value your thoughts on the above. Since some seem to be
tiring of this subject, perhaps you can E-mail me direct with your
comments and thus keep from cluttering the list for those who do not want
to participate in my request for information.

Thanks to all, Wingfoot dbruce@madison.main.nc.us