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Enough on Electronics.....Lets talk Food !!

       It is clear electronics will be on the trail in "97".  If everyone
will just be considerate of everybody elses space,
Then we can each hike our on hike and no ones experience will be spoiled.
I shure enjoyed my arm chair hike this year. Thanks to all the postings
from "96" thru hikers.

	Now to change the subject. Like others I am planning my "97" thru
hike. I have seen thru hikers eating a wide  variety of stuff, from all
freeze dried $ hikes, to mostly lentils, one hiker lived off squeeze
butter and bisquick bread mix. Who knows what you will crave weeks down
the trail. I can see Andy Coon now, 4 days out of town everybody`s heavey
goodies long gone, Andy pulls out several Three Muskateer candy bars and
a fresh jar of peanutbutter. This really torments the  rest of us to
watch Andy dip those candy bars in the peanutbutter, knowing full well it
will be days before the next store. I plan to carry a large portion of
freeze dried food the first few weeks.
Gradually adding more desirable and  less costly heaveyer foods. Dried
mixed vegatables, noodles, rice and canned meats have been my staple over
the years. This makes possible a cheap variety of meals, although the
veggies do take 20 minuets to cook. I have ate this combination of food
(at least one meal per day) for 30 days.
So what do you eat on long hikes and what about the cost? If any one has 
their thru hike planning list with costs that they would like to share, I
would shure like to have a copy. Also I am doing some experiemnts with
homemade freeze dried food. Anyone else experimented with this?


S>97>N Chase

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