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Re: Little dojiggies for tent staking

>It came with this little black plastic elongated oval things, >maybe 1/2" by 
>1-1/4", with three holes down the middle of them.  They are for shortening or
>increasing the tension on the tie down lines.  My question is how in the heck
>do you use them?  I don't even know how to put them on the lines, much less
>use them!!  There are no directions for use with the tent.   
Tie a knot in one end of your tie down line and then feed the other end
through one of the outside holes.  Next feed the line through the loop on
your tent and back through the middle hole on the plastic piece.  Then feed
it through the remaining hole (the line should make an "U" through the
piece.  Finally you want to tie a knot on the lose end for attaching the
line to your tent stake.  The idea is to create a friction device which
doesn't let the rope slide when pulled tight but you can easily adjust when
you have no tension on the line.  I would suggest setting it up at home and
then leave it on your tent- one less thing to mess with when you want to put
up your tent in a big hurry :-)  
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