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Clothing Advice-Oct. hike in WV

Hello, all,

My companion and I are planning a 10-day backpacking trip in the West
Virginia Mts (Cranberry Wilderness) Oct 4-14th.  We're novices (have only
done a few 2-day summer trips) and are not quite sure what to expect or bring.

We already have good boots and will be buying Gore-Tex raingear. Other than
that, we're undecided. Of course, we know not to bring loads of cotton
clothes, esp. jeans, and also are familiar with the layering system.

I guess what we really need to know is what types and combinations of
clothes we should buy.  Are the expensive super-quick drying hiking pants
really necessary or would perhaps ripstop army "fatigue" (sp?) pants be okay? 

You folks seem to be the experts, and we'd really appreciate any advice
y'all could give us.