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Directionally Challenged

Yes, Alison and I are joining that "special" group of
thru-hikers known as the 'Directionally Challenged'.
For the un-pc that means we are going to do a southbound
thru-hike. No we aren't crazy, well, at least not any
crazier than normal. Old timers on the list will remember
we had been having a problem with my leave of absence,
well that has finally been resolved. We filled the position,
but the person cannot begin work until December, which
would not give me time to get him up to speed in our
environment in time to leave in March. So last Friday
my boss gave us the option of postponing the hike until
1998 (BOO!) or begining in late May or early June. As the old
timers will also remember we began thinking about a southbound
thru-hike back in the early part of summer (remember all
those southbound questions) well yesterday we decided southbound
it is, so today they approved my leave, and southbound we will be.
Yes, we did think about a flip-flop but decided we really want
to do a southbound all the way. We will miss starting with
the rest of the Class of '97 in Georgia, but are sure we will
meet you somewhere on the trail, we will be the ones with all
the bug bites mixed with the mud from the bogs.-:) 

PS. grab those guidebooks, Wingfoots thru-hikers handbook, the companion,
and those maps, we are putting together some more southbound questions 
and your help, as always, will be much appreciated.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Me to Ga '97 (notice the Directionally Challenged change)