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Re: [AT-L] I'm baaaaaack.... :)

At 07:15 PM 9/4/96 -0500, Cindi wrote:

>I GOT NEW GEAR!!!! :-))))  Finally made some decisions and ended up with my
>Osprey Isis pack, NorthFace Lunarlight tent and Pur Hiker.  Yay!  Now I only
>need to figure out which bag I want.....hmmm......
Luck ducky on finding an Osprey Dealer. I really am fond of my Finesse which
gets various year round services althogh I bought it originally  for
backcountry skiing. Very comfortable strap and belt arrangements just the
right weight fabric. If you appreciate that kind of quality contact
Feathered Friends in  Seattle regarding Sleeping Bag. I got one that is
Goretex covered and am glad I did .lots of rainy  and snowy nights in wet
mouthed shelters . I was a lttle smug about being able to shake off and wipe
off my FS and pack it away. Dr Doolittle>