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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: The Gathering

Sorry to reply to the whole list about this, but my server doesn't have one
of those neat "reply to" thingys...

I might carpool w/you bleeder guy.  I'm in NH.  Please send your e-mail
address so we can figure logistics out...


>      I'm going.  Sent the $$ in over the weekend.  Anyone need a ride??
>Beau Bushor N1MJD
>"the bleeder guy"
>Burlington, Vermont
Jennifer Delia Sawyer		|	"Be the best you can be
Hall Director			|	in the place that you are;
Department of Residential Life	|	and be kind.  
University of New Hampshire	|	Kind to yourself,
Durham, NH  03824		|	Kind to others and 
(603) 862-3812			|	Kind to the land."
jdsawyer@hopper.unh.edu		|		-- Helen Neering