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Testing 123

   Well since the list server update, all my postings are rejected.
Somehow my address was changed by the list server and it no longer
recognizes my old account. So I have resubscribed from this account. I
have sent for the help mail and perhaps then I will find out how to
unsubscribe on my other account (cdavidso@neocomm.net). The standard
unsubscribe AT-L Charles W. Davidson message is rejected. Hate to bore
you with all this but I did want to see if I could now post here.


           Woopeee South to North in 1997, A great way to celebrate the
60 year anniversary of the Trail !!
I hope to start my 2000 mile journey in March, hopefully I will be able
to post   notes on my home page.
Look for  "chase" thru hiking in 97  Woopeee  woopeee I`ll say it again
Woopeee after 24 years hiking the A T .

S>97>N Chase