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Re: [AT-L] Ed Garvey's book

> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good source for Ed Garvey's 
> book on the Appalachian Trail.  I just finished Shaffer's "Walking With 
       ...text deleted...
> Jason
The Appalachian Trail Conference has many books about hiking/backpacking in
general and the AT in particular.  Most good outfitter stores will have a
selection of books on hiking and some about the AT.

Now for a commercial plug:

While you are talking to them at ATC, ask about membership.
Appalachian Trail Conference
P.O. Box 807
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425-0807

304 535-6331


John Newman, 2000-miler, ATC Life Member, ATC Trail Maintainer