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[AT-L] PUR/Sweetwater

smithc@cvax.ipfw.indiana.edu writes:
 >                     ... I've heard some people add a dab of bleach
 > and pump through the filter before emptying and storing.  I don't, 
 > and would check this out better before trying.
 > Hope this helps
 > Chris Smith
 > Smithc@cvax.ipfw.indiana.edu

  Actually, instructions that came with my Scout recommend running 
a weak bleach solution through the filter prior to storage.  But I
no longer have the instructions and a don't remember the exact 
amount.  I usually put a capful of bleach in 1/2 to 1 gallon of
water.  Nothing too strong, but enough to inhibit bacterial growth.
And enough to keep me from drinking the first few cups of water
I pump immediately after storage.