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RE: [AT-L] [AT-L] PUR/Sweetwater

>>PUR Scout...Is this normal? Also, what is the best way to prime it?

I always have to prime my PUR Hiker on the first day out, too.  I
usually have at least 1 bottle of water to start my hikes anyway, so
when I'm getting low, I use a little bit of my clean drinking water
to prime my filter.  It doesn't take much, no need to fill the body
of the filter up, just add a little in the bottom.  I suppose you
could submerge the body of the filter, and then pump the first oz
,well more than an ounce, on the ground before filling your water
bottle.  After the first use each trip, there will be a little water
left in the filter for each successive pumping.  But when you get
home, since the filter should be stored dry, empty the remaining
water out and air dry.  I've heard some people add a dab of bleach
and pump through the filter before emptying and storing.  I don't, 
and would check this out better before trying.

Hope this helps
Chris Smith