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[AT-L] PUR/Sweetwater

  All right, I admit it..... I'm an idiot.  This past weekend I took out
the old PUR Scout and started fiddling with it.  And just as I predicted,
less than five minutes went by before I had it pumping water again.  It
turned out that the solution was to prime it....  I suppose I didn't do
it when I was in the field.  (I thought that it died while I was pumping,
but in hindsight it might not have been.)   Now it seems that I have to prime
the pump every time I want to use it...  something that I did not have to
do before.  Is this normal?  Also, what is the best way to prime it?
Remove the intake hose an submerge the body in the water source?  That
seems to be risking contamination of the output path.  Should I save some
prefiltered water and use that to prime the filter?  What if I don't have
any on hand?  Is there a consensus on the best way to do this?

  So now I have both a Sweetwater Guardian and a PUR Scout.  I got the
Sweetwater at REI, so I think I may take this opportunity to do some
comparative field tests on my trip this month.  Hopefully neither filter
will have any problems.

  Apologies to those folks whose filter I've maligned.  In the end, the
only part on the filter that failed was the guy pumping it.