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Andy and Emily (and others):

i'm a little behind on reading my mail, so this may already have been
covered.  three friends of mine are thru-hiking the PCT this year.  two of
them have the PUR Hiker, the other has the Sweetwater Guardian.  They all
like their respective filters, and most importantly, they all know how to
field maintain them (in my opinion, the most important thing you can know
about a filter).  Neither the Hikers nor the Guardian have given them any
serious trouble.

i was so impressed by the weight and speed of the hiker that i bought one
myself.  absolutely love it.  pumps a litre in about 40 secs. weighs 12oz
dry with stuff sack and bottle adapter.  easy to maintain.  haven't put a
lot of water through it yet because it's so new, but so far it's wonderful.

the major difference between the PUR filters is that the Hiker doesn't have
an iodine matrix for killing viruses.  if you're hiking in the US, and don't
intend to filter from open sewers or septic tanks, it's a good bet you won't
need this feature (but you can always take iodine tablets, treat the water
first, then filter to remove the taste).   the hiker does have a carbon core
for removal of chemicals, and a micro-membrane for giardia and the like.
i've not done extensive research, but i think this may be the lightest such
unit on the market, save the awkward timberline (Sandy and Allison, you guys
would know for sure!)

ke kaahawe at92


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