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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Electronics on the Trail

Milt Webb writes:

> An interesting parallel comes to mind. Are there any sailors out there?
> This is probably no different that sailing in remote, possibly uncharted, 
> areas of the ocean.  That emergency radio beacon is pretty handy when you 
> need it...
> I guess the thing that upsets everyone is the tracking/caribou reference. 
> I have read a few stories about search and rescue missions up there that 
> led to the decision to do implement this and it seemed like a good idea 
> from thier point of view.
> Tell me they don't physically attach these tracking devices to you???

They do NOT attach them to you!  One of the devices must simply be
present (I assume in one's pack).  This system was not in effect when
I took my trip.  By the way, I'm not against it.  I merely threw it
out for conversation.


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