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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Electronics on the Trail

On Tue, 3 Sep 1996, richard hihn wrote:

> Two years ago I hiked the Long Range mountain traverse in
> Newfoundland: no trails, totally remote and isolated.  Map and compass
> are a must.  I recently read that the rangers there now REQUIRE that a
> radio device be worn or carried by at least one member of every party.
> These are not radios or phones but merely tracking devices similar to
> those placed on caribou so that a party may be found in a matter of 
> hours rather than days.  An unwarranted invasion by technology?  

Perhaps not.

An interesting parallel comes to mind. Are there any sailors out there?
This is probably no different that sailing in remote, possibly uncharted, 
areas of the ocean.  That emergency radio beacon is pretty handy when you 
need it...

I guess the thing that upsets everyone is the tracking/caribou reference. 
I have read a few stories about search and rescue missions up there that 
led to the decision to do implement this and it seemed like a good idea 
from thier point of view.
Tell me they don't physically attach these tracking devices to you???


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