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Re: [AT-L] Electronics on the Trail

I haven't been following this thread closely, as it's been around
before.  I agree with Peter and others that courtesy is the ticket.
Personally, I have a hard time imagining that someone could be annoyed
by the mere presence of a phone.

On the other side of the coin, has it been mentioned that these phones
may (and in fact have) encouraged some to call for help or rescue when
none was seriously needed?  This abuse strikes me as one of the
principal arguments against the use of the phones in the wilderness.

Two years ago I hiked the Long Range mountain traverse in
Newfoundland: no trails, totally remote and isolated.  Map and compass
are a must.  I recently read that the rangers there now REQUIRE that a
radio device be worn or carried by at least one member of every party.
These are not radios or phones but merely tracking devices similar to
those placed on caribou so that a party may be found in a matter of 
hours rather than days.  An unwarranted invasion by technology?  


Peter H. Fornof writes:
> I guess I don't mind phones on the AT. A fellow hiking with my group in the 
> Smokies this past winter had one. Since we were hiking in sub zero weather, 
> he took it along in case we had an emergency. He used it once to call his 
> wife and let her know we were okay. 
> Now, of course if everyone had a phone, and they were always ringing and 
> people were always talking on them, I guess I would be bothered, since 
> that's why I hit the woods, to get away from that type of stuff. As long as 
> people are considerate, I have no problem. Same thing with GPS. If someone 
> wants to bring one, more power to them, although I don't know why someone 
> would want one on the AT. And computers... if they want to lug them, 
> wonderful. I wouldn't, but that's my hike. 
> Like someone else said here on the list, technology is everywhere in all of 
> our equipment. No escaping it, unless you go into the woods in a survivalist 
> mode and I don't think that would be much fun, at least for me. Euell 
> Gibbons died young!
> Peter H. Fornof
> athiker@plantnet.com
> broknspoke@aol.com

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