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94 thru-hikers

Any 94 thru hikers out there?

I was mountain biking on a Rail to Trail conversion in Maryland over the
labor day weekend, and as I pulled into a "whistle stop" town, I noticed a
car with "GA 2 ME" plates.  It turned out to belong to a 94 thru-hiker with
the trail name "Medicare Charlie".  When I told him I was planning a 2000
thru-hike, and that I was on the AT list, he asked if I knew of any 94
thruhikers.  He was a very nice older gentleman that I could have talked to
all day (if my wife wasn't waiting for me back at camp) about the AT (As it
turned out I spent a very pleasant half hour talking to him).

Does anyone remember "medicare charlie"?  He gave me his card, and told me to
call him any time if I needed help planning, had questions, or just wanted to
talk about the trail.  I would like to return the favor and mail him
information about,  or messages from any of his AT companions.


Russ Dade