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RE: Falls Creek Falls?

In message Sun, 1 Sep 1996 22:40:01 -0500 (CDT),
  "E. George Oeser" <synergy@nc5.infi.net>  writes:

> David P. Dusenbury wrote:
>>...the place was Falls  Creek Falls, and he mentioned something about it
>>  being in the Cumberland  Valley (which only limits it to maybe five
>> states).  Any body been there,  or know exactly where it is?
>>   DP...

> It is on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee near Cookville. Tends to be
> very crowded,  but it is truely beautiful. Even better in the same area
> is Virgin Falls State Pocket  Wilderness. The main attraction here is a
> massive waterfall that comes out of a cave  falls quite a way and then
> totally dissapears into another cave, very impressive. E. George Oeser
> (aka Needles) synergy@nc5.infi.net

Fall Creek Falls is a Tennessee state park.  The waterfall is spectacular!
At last report, rappelling is permitted there.  The waterfall appeared
in the recent version of the movie, _The Jungle Book_.

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu