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Re: [AT-L] Electronics on the AT

Dan Bruce wrote:
> Hi, folks
> I'm new to the list, so this subject may have been discussed ad i

Welcome to the list, Wingfoot!

> Some hikers were highly offended at the mere presence of such devices
> (laptops, cellular phones, beepers, etc.) and wished them banned from 
> woods. Others were enthralled by the new possibilities that they offer.
> Most were somewhere in between.

I strongly believe in "hike your own hike".  As long as these devices do 
not interfere with _my_ Trail experience, they are OK.  Kinda like the 
old adage:  "The right to swing your fist ends where the other guy's nose 
begins."  The rule in our Scout troop when camping and travelling is that 
video games, walkman radios, etc are allowed, as long as they are not 
seen or heard.  

A little bit of common sense should be used by back-country electronics 
users.  I have a pager and HH cell phone that I use in my business, and 
would not think of hiking with either.  A lot of the problems stem from 
outright rudeness.  When in a restaurant or other public place and have 
to use my phone, I always excuse myself, and go to the lobby or outside. 
 The same should apply to back-country use.  No one should be offended by 
"your hike" if you are discrete (and non-obtrusive) in your use of such