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Re: [AT-L] Electronics on the AT

Suggested Backwoods Electron-ettiquette:
Treat the AT as you would any other respectful public place.  If your
telephone or radio can be heard by others, turn it down or off.
If you expect to be paged, wear your pager to vibrate rather than beep. If
your LCD laptop screen is keeping others awake and attracting bugs, go
someplace solitary.  Simply, show respect and others will reciprocate.

Advances in electronic devices should be welcomed, or at least tolerated.
Technological advances have led to accurate maps using satellite photos,
backpacking stoves that keep people from burning down the forests,
synthetic sleeping bags that stay warm even when damp, lightweight tents,
composting toilets, and all kinds of blister remedies (See last week's
topics for more details...).  Somebody's life could be saved by a GPS
navigator or a cellular phone.

People love to read and write trail journals.  Few would object to still
photos, and they signifigantly enhance a presentation to persuade others
of the value of backcountry protection.  Video can be even more
compelling.  If someone wants to lug a camera for 2K+ miles, God bless and
good luck.  When recording the trail experience, the creativity of the
hiker determines the massage whether the medium is paper and pencil, lens
and shutter, or laser and magnetic tape.

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