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another trail name

Folks - 

Hi. I've spoken on this list before, but only a little. I've decided to 
de-lurk and see if I might add my $0.02 now and then. 

To describe myself, here are the data I sent Wingfoot just now for his 
trail name database. I'd love to hear from any of you out there who I've 
met in the past three summers or hope to meet next year. 

NAME: Jim Bruton
TRAIL NAME: "Shazam"
YEAR OF HIKE:  GA -94-> TN -95-> WV -96-> VT

I am section hiking the whole trail and intend to finish VT->ME in '97.

EXPLANATION OF TRAIL NAME: In '95 I was lamenting my inability to pick a
trail name, so another hiker thought of "Shazam." He thought of it while
hiking one day but forgot it by that night when he saw me, so he left it
in a register in a shelter up the trail a day or two later, when it came
back to him - I never saw him again. He said it was "perfect" for me. I
still don't know why, but I like the name. 

MEANING OF TRAIL NAME: Everybody knows that "Shazam" is what Gomer Pyle
says. But I had to look this up - nobody I have asked knows exactly who
Shazam is. I got the following from "Marvel Family FAQ" on the 'web. 

Shazam is an ancient wizard who bestows super-human powers onto ordinary 
mortals when they speak his name. Over the centuries, Shazam has chosen 
several mortals who have proven themselves worthy to carry on his quest 
for justice. When a chosen speaks Shazam's name he receives super powers 
from various deities and one biblical figure. The first letter of the six 
deities' names form the name Shazam: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, 
Achilles, and Mercury. Shazam bestows on Billy Batson the powers - 
Captain Marvel is the super-hero Billy Batson transforms into.

Believe it or not it took me two years before I got off my behind and
looked it up, but from now on I can tell folks I meet on the trail who
Shazam is. 

Well, Shazam!

Jim Bruton