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More on Trail Name List

Hi. folks

The Trail Name List that the Center for Appalachian Trail Studies will
have on its page is nothing more than that-- a list of Trail names with
corresponding real names, addresses, telephone numbers, and E-mail
addresses. I can't see that it can be used for anything more than a way to
get in touch with past Trail friends. As I said before, there will be
nothing "official" about it, other than the contact information will
hopefully be accurate.

As to who can be on the Center list,that's left to the individual
concerned. Our only request is that the Trail name listed should have been
used regularly on the AT. That's why we will not list a "future" Trail
until it has become a part of the Trail scene by someone showing
up and
using it. As to what is regular use, that will be left up to the
individual to decide. All of this, from our perspective, will be on the
honor system--and we assume that anyone who wants to hike the AT is

As for multiple lists, I agree with Jim. The more the merrier. However, I
will add that assembling and verifying, and obtaining permission to list
several thousand Trail names is both time consuming and expensive. A
cooperative effort among all people interested in this project seems worth