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Re: [AT-L] 4 season stuff

WELLBRNBL@conrad.appstate.edu wrote:
> For winter camping in the mountains of North Carolina does one need a 4
> season tent or would a 3 season do comfortably? What about sleeping bags?
> Would a 0 degree bag be best or could one use a 15 or 20 degree bag with a
> liner?--
> B. Wellborn
> wellbrnbl@appstate.edu

BIG "it depends".  I have been shirt-sleeve comfortable (daytime) on late 
fall/winter trips, and there have been other days it never got above 32. 
 My bag is a ~0 degree Feathered Friends Swift.  It is comfortable in the 
single digits.  Remember that the degree rating most manufacturers give 
should be considered a "survivability" temp, not a "comfortable" temp.

If you watch the weather (easy and mostly predicable for 3 day trips) you 
may be Ok with the 15 deg bag, but may not be comfortable every time.  
With a liner "biker" bag, you would most likely be good down to 0 to 5, 
but would be a little heavier than a single bag.

(Un)foturnately, I have yet to be pounded with snow, other than a dusting 
or so, when on the AT.  There have been plenty of 33 degree rains, 
though.  Your biggest challenge in the NC mountains is the winds, 
especially if you like to camp more in the open and at higher elevations. 
 I have a 4 Season Moss Stardome II, and, while heavy, is unbelieveably 
strong.  I bought this back in '90? after having a Timberline flattened 
in the wee hours on an early spring trip.  There have been many times 
since I was glad to have the strength and security of a 4 season tent.