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Re: [AT-L] Why no dogs in GSMNP?

>: Micheal, I am not attacking you personally here. Rather, I am using your
>: post to vent a frustration I have been long feeling with many people I have
>: known (some of them wilderness 'professionals').
>: My response to the above is "how do you know who is a drunk driver and who
>: is not?" You certainly don't take everyones car away! When you apply a rule
>: on your behalf you impose a loss of freedom on others. And the world
>: becomes alittle tighter for all of us. We all feel a bit more squeezed in.
>This is probably not a good analogy since no one is trying to take your dog
>away.  They are only restricting the use of your dog as there are many laws
>that restrict the use of your car.  I can drive faster than the posted speed
>limit safely, but there are many who can't, so we have speed limits.
>: We live with drunk driving deaths. And we realize that we will have to face
>: the idea of comforting those who realize a loss because of it. But we do
>: live with it. Why? Because we know that to take our cars away implies a
>: loss of freedom.  And we value that freedom. And so instead of taking away
>: cars, we find another way... like more severe penalties.

Hmmm, Tom, it seems the main premise wasn't understood here.

I guess I shouldn't have implied that you couldn't OWN a car... only that
you couldn't DRIVE it (keep it at home with your dog).