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[AT-L] RE: [AT-L] [AT-L] Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

smithc@cvax.ipfw.indiana.edu writes:
 > This is probably a stupid question, but was that PUR scout 
 > primed?  Had a little water in it to get it going??

  I'm going to assume that this question was directed to me and
my busted Scout.

  Yeah, the filter was primed...  actually, it died while I was in the
middle of filtering water.  I kept on pumping, but my waterbag wasn't 
filling up any more.  A closer look revealed that the intake line was
not taking any water in, even though it was in the water.  I gave it
a few more pumps, but I didn't appear to be generating any pressure.
So I took the filter apart and cleaned the surface of the filter 
cartridge off.  No improvement.  I took it apart and reassembled it 
again, hoping that I had just assebled it incorrectly the first time.
No luck.  After about 15 minutes of this, I was throroughly disgusted
with it and put it away.  

  I haven't messed with it since...  I suppose I could have done
something stupid while reassembling the filter and screwed it up.
Maybe I'll futz around with it some more this weekend.  I'll
probably get the thing working in less than five minutes now
that I've bought a new filter to replace it.