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Re: Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

>I've had my guardian for about a year and a half. It has served me well.
>It's easier to pump, compared to others. I've used it in some pretty cruddy
>areas and the water was very drinkable. It also cleans up very nicely.
>Anybody else agree?

Yep.  I replaced my second First Need with the guardian and have been very
pleased.  I also use a waterworks and a Pur Explorer that hiking partners
have,  I have seen no difference in the frequency of clogging among the
three.  They all clog, they all can be cleaned pretty easy.  I like the
Guardian because it is the lightest of the three (what about that Sandy
Smith?).  Because of the lexan construction it seems like it could be more
fragile than the other two.  I have not taken it on more than a 10 day trip
so I don't know from personal experience how it or the others might fare on
a thru-hike or other long venture.  I always bring iodine tablets for
backup.  I had a first need fail me on a section of the PCT around Mt. Hood
three years back.  I had no iodine backup nor a stove at that point.  I was
not a happy 'packer to have to drink from some of the sources available to
me.  I survived, but learned an important lesson.


Frank Webbe
Professor of Psychology
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