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Re: Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

>I'm Andy Linger (no trailname yet) from Milwaukee WI.  I graduate 
>tomorrow in Occupational Safety.  The last thing in the world I want 
>to do right now is get a *real* job.  So this winter I plan on 
>teaching skiing in Colorado.  Then I plan on my thru hike next march. 
>  One of my biggest questions regards water filters.  I'm looking at
>the Guardian and the PUR Hiker.  Has anyone had bad experiences with
>either of these?  I know that PUR guarantees the Hiker for 1 full year, and
>have also heard many good things about the Guardian.

Where in Colorado, I'm living in Boulder until my thru-hike in  beg. of
March.  I plan on getting in my season full of snowboarding before I leave
so perhaps we can cross paths on the slopes and share thoughts on trail
preperations.  Sorry no opinion on the two filters- rather fond of my MSR.
You can contact me at:  Jason74@ix.netcom.com

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