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Re: [AT-L] little baggies

At 07:55 PM 8/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>anyone know a source (in less than thousand each quantities) of those 
>mini-Ziplock bags ca. 1"X2" that buttons etc. come in? I tried Ziplock 
>and one other mfg to no avail 
>                              Blaze


You are in luck (if 2x2 will suffice - the smallest they have)  The Plastic
Bag Mart in Marietta, GA  has these sizes and many others. You can order
them in quantities of 100. My wife and I used them on our thru-hike in '95
and they worked just fine. Their address is 1616 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA
30062-3619.  Toll free #  1-800-833-3751  Fax #  770-977-0349.  You can
request a catalog from them as well.  
Hope this helps!

Mark and Janet (Full Moon and Celestial Spirit  GA-Me'95)

	Mark Holmes
	Rt.2 Box 1-A-1
	Troutdale, VA  24378
	email - mholmes@netva.com