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Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

Well, I've been on this list for about 1.5 months now, and suppose it 
would be proper to introduce myself.
I'm Andy Linger (no trailname yet) from Milwaukee WI.  I graduate 
tomorrow in Occupational Safety.  The last thing in the world I want 
to do right now is get a *real* job.  So this winter I plan on 
teaching skiing in Colorado.  Then I plan on my thru hike next march. 
  One of my biggest questions regards water filters.  I'm looking at
the Guardian and the PUR Hiker.  Has anyone had bad experiences with
either of these?  I know that PUR guarantees the Hiker for 1 full year, and
have also heard many good things about the Guardian.

GA2ME '97

ps. Does anyone use a Jansport external frame Nepali pack?
I'm seriously considering one.

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