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Re: Why No Dogs in GSMNP

>I'd vote for modifying it, but, not repeal

How in the world do you think the park could modify that law but not repeal
it?   EVERYONE thinks their dog is an exception.  I met a thru hiker at trail
days this year who had an absolute angel of a dog, but she did what everyone
else has to do, and that's shuttle her dog around the GSMNP.  Many people
don't like dogs; many are afraid of dogs, even friendly ones; and I would bet
that the wildlife are afraid of dogs

BTW, there is a mailing list for hikers with dogs which I subscribed to for
several months, before I finally decided to forget taking mine on my thru
hike.  I can't remember exactly how to subscribe tho; maybe someone on this
list would know?

I would vote to also eliminate horses from GSMNP.  They ruin the trail for