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Re: [AT-L] Why no dogs in GSMNP?

>Does anyone know WHY and HOW "they" managed to prohibit dogs in the park?
>After all, the entire rest of the 2,000+ miles of the AT does allow them.

Personal bias in the administration. That was my experience in the US
Forest Service and the dog closures in wilderness areas. When we reduced
use with permits, I asked that the bans on dogs be removed. But internal
personal bias dictated otherwise.

>Does anyone know why this rule was enacted? Are any responsible dog owners
>campaigning to have it repealed?

There are some sites on the World Wide Web. Get involved. It is thru
activists like you (in concert with others) - a louder voice than the dog
haters - that will repeal these laws.

Here's a web page to start with:


The owner of this web site apparently also maintains a mailing list:

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