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Re: [AT-L] Why no dogs in GSMNP?

Stormy and Moki,
While I disagree with you on the dog ban,
I support it, that is just my personal opinion.
Many people have thru-hiked with a dog. The
Thru-hikers handbook by (as Charlie II calls him)
Dan "Wingnut" Bruce lists several kennels that will
board Moki and transport him to either end of the park.
I don't know which of these services are rated best,
but I'm sure the ATC, or other dog owners on this list
can give you some help with that one. The harder part
may be Baxter State park in Maine which also doesn't
allow dogs. I don't have any info on kennels or transportation
in that area, but I'm sure the ATC does. I say don't
let these small parts of the trail discourage you from
I know there are several dog owners on this list and
maybe they can give you better advice, on preparation
of yourself and Moki for a thru-hike. I know someone posted
some good advice on how to minimize conflict with other
hikers who may percieve Moki as a threat, or simply as a
nuisance. Maybe they will repost it.
One other note, our daughter is a brand new NPS ranger and
she told us there is a directive to ticket and fine people
violating the dog regulations, and that people violating them 
could be heavily fined and even expelled from the park.

Sandy (and for you scouters,  Eagle 1967, yes I know that is 
along time ago) and Alison
"The Smiths"
Ga to Me '97