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Re: [AT-L] First time overnite ....

At 10:22 AM 8/28/96 -0500, kit wrote:
>on the AT.....Would like information on a good  4-5 day route on the
>Virginia AT.
 Suggest you go  s from Rockfish Gap at Waynesboro.  You should be able to
Make Tyro in a couple of days where you can pickup your maildrop of Food
from Postoffice. Check to make sure it is still in existence. Tyro is about
a mile to the L on the road after the bridge over the Tye. Then you climb
the Priest which is a pretty much straightup proposition and follow the
ridge lines for as long as your time allows. You probably can make it to
Glasgow. This is a very nice stretch of the trail with lots of interesting
views. lots of h2o including great swimming hole on a blue blaze after
Maupin Field Shelter. E-mail me for directions to best campsite on AT. Dogs
are OK on this stretch since it is S of Shenandoah NP. Are we just buying a
Pack? if so asking for advice on this subject is akin to openning up the
floodgates. Consider the packs made by Lowe Alpine, Gregory, Mountainsmith
and Dana. Not necessarily in that order but what is available in your area.
All are exxcellent all will work. With a knowledgeable sales person to make
the fit adjustments find one that feels good. Loaded!!! All these packs have
heavy duty waistbands with lots of padding. Ware of buying an older pack
that might be very cheap and has little paddingin the waistband all the way
around. Look also for a place to attach or stick where you can reach it a
water bottle. mountainsmith makes a great waterbottle bag that fits a
Nalgene wide mouth bottle. If you stow the water bottle in your pack you
won't drink very often and that is problemsome. Lowe and Montainsmith make
packs specifically designed for women's bodies . The others probably do as
well . Happy Trails, Dr Doolittle