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Hello there. My name is Rob Davis, with a somewhat common trailname of 
Felix (I love them cats). I hail from Indiana. I'm a section hiker with 
850-plus miles done. I'm very new to this, so bear with me. I'm a 
landscaper, so do most of my hiking in fall/winter. This is a great time 
to hike because you don't have problems with most of the things on the 
lists of the last few days. RE: blisters. Shave and duct-tape the feet 
before you leave the house. And if you miss any spots with the duct-tape, 
you can end up with some really cool shaped blisters. Thanks for letting 
me in and I hope to not be bothersome.

Felix  GA-->--><--->>--->--<<>--->--><---<--<->Penmar '88-?