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Petzl batteries

jbattig@efn.org (J. Michael Battig & Belinda Heaton)  writes:

>>Hello everyone,
>>  My wife and I just got new Petzl Zoom headlamps...

> good choice. I don't go anywhere without mine. Here's a tip...when you
> store the lamp in your pack disconnect one of the wires so the light
> doesn't inadvertently come on and drain the battery. Yes, it happens.
> Another tip: get the adapter that'll allow you to use AA batteries. The
> 4.5 volt batteries last much longer but aren't always available (I always
> buy two at a time)
> michael

I don't think those batteries are manufactured in the US.  The ones I've
seen are from Belgium.  A mail-order source is

Bob & Bob
PO Box 441
Lewisburg WV 24901
304 772-5049
304 772-3076 fax

(Interesting catalog!)


Frank     reid@indiana.edu