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Re: [AT-L] Trail Names and the Web project

In a message dated 96-08-28 16:31:01 EDT, you write:

<< Pretty soon the list will be taken as "OFFICIAL" and folks will be
 severely chastised for trying to use a trail name the is on the list
 I can hear it now!  As to all the other hundreds ore thousands out there on
 trail who have now REGISTERed, those poor misfits, I just don't see how they
 will ever be able to finish the AT or even set foot on it or any other trail
 as the are without the OFFICIAL SANCTION of the REGISTER. >>

Scarry thoughts these. I don't mind having an online database where people
can see what other hikers have selected to call themselves, but I too would
hate for anyone to think of it as official in any way.