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Re: Why no dogs in GSMNP?

Stormy wrote:
> Does anyone know WHY and HOW "they" managed to prohibit dogs in the park?
> After all, the entire rest of the 2,000+ miles of the AT does allow them.

I do! I do!

Dogs tear down the park and disturb the wildlife.  It is one of the most
heavily used parks in the country. T his is part of the NPS's effort to
preserve the land for all; for as long as posible.   That can't be
true.  Then why do they alow horses, most everywhere?  

I guess I didn't.

>  Dogs like Moki are wonderful and essential companions to solo female hikers

Sold me.  Maybe you can get a special use permit from the park?  Is
getting a shuttle for Moki down to fountana dam out of the question?

> Does anyone know why this rule was enacted? Are any responsible dog owners
> campaigning to have it repealed?

I'd vote for modifying it, but, not repeal.



Tom Fort