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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Thoughts on blisters

Hello Bob -

You said:

>...I use 100mph tape on all hot spots...

Army?  Ft. Rucker?  (I don't know any other folks who call green duct tape
"100mph tape" <g>)

I also use duct tape in place of moleskin.  I have found that you can do a
lot more hot spot protection and blister (hamburger) repair with duct tape
than you can with moleskin...and it has a zillion other uses as well!

I like to surround the blister with molefoam to pad the boot away from the
raw meat and often put a bandaid or piece of plastic (whatever the owner of
the foot that I am working on happens to have) over the raw spot to protect
the sensitive skin from the sticky duct tape.  If they don't have anything
better, I use a raw-spot sized piece of duct tape turned upside down so
that the non-stickey side contacts the raw spot when the molefoam is
compressed.  I have noticed that the cheaper duct tape will disintegrate
about as fast as moleskin (couple of days).  100mph tape does fine <VBG>.

I have also run into a number of ex-OD hikers who swear by super glue for
blisters.  They just cover the hot spot or the blister with super glue and
let it dry.  Put the boots back on and have at it!  The claim is that
eventually the super glue will rub off or absorb into your skin.  Be aware
that nobody claims that otc super glue is sterile (I suppose that the
medical version is made in sterile conditions, but I don't know how to get

I choose to not use the super glue approach because I like to look at any
open wound every now and then.  If I cover something with duct tape (or
anything else), I like to replace the covering at least every day or two
(or sooner if things don't feel "right").  While I am doing the replacing,
I clean everything up and make sure that healing is happening....I have
heard of cases where things start to rot a little under a layer of
protection left on too long <f>.  Second- skin does feel good, but I
haven't figured out a way to make it last very long on the trail.

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al