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Why no dogs in GSMNP?

Does anyone know WHY and HOW "they" managed to prohibit dogs in the park?
After all, the entire rest of the 2,000+ miles of the AT does allow them.

This really bothers me.  I was planning on a thru-hike in two years until I
found out that you absolutely cannot take your dog through the Smokies. I
simply won't go without my best friend. By that time, my Australian Shepherd
dog, Moki, will have finished his competition obedience, agility, tracking
and Therapy Dog titles (he's also a competition Frisbee dog)  :).  He is
completely under my voice control, has no interest in chasing wildlife,
protects me from dangerous strangers and carries his own 15-lb dog pack. He
carries his own food and gear, plus some of mine.  He cheers me up when I'm
tired and discouraged on the trail and shares my joy in the freedom we find
in the wilderness.  Dogs like Moki are wonderful and essential companions to
solo female hikers, especially in the wake of the recent Shenandoah murders.  

Does anyone know why this rule was enacted? Are any responsible dog owners
campaigning to have it repealed? 


Stormy and Moki
Prospective Thru-Hikers

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