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Re: [AT-L] Thoughts on blisters

I've found duct tape on hot spots works great to eliminate friction,
however on a recent trip a friend told me that he had just heard that the
tape is toxic and the "toxins" can enter the body through the skin!  Has
anybody else heard this/think it is a real concern?  My friend's
suggestion was to switch to atheltic tape, but it doesn't seem as sticky
so I wonder if it will do the same great job...

Bob mentioned 100mph tape... what is that?


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On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, bob wrote:

> Sandra Downs wrote:
> > Ok, we've all had 'em, so my question
> > is: what's your key to minimizing the pain and frequency of blisters?
> Never had any luck with moleskin.
> I use 100mph tape on all hot spots, and I only have 
> gotten blisters when breaking in or wearing ill fitting boots.
> bob