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RE: [AT-L] Repeats on the at-l

As per Illinois Flatlander, there is too much repeat mail. Although it is
interesting at times, and sometimes a bit redundant, but it is nice to have
a wide variety of mail waiting for me when I log in. (;-{)}}}}}

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>From: 	ILFltlndr@aol.com[SMTP:ILFltlndr@aol.com]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, August 28, 1996 4:51 PM
>To: 	Ed LaVine
>Subject: 	[AT-L] Repeats on the at-l
>Has anyone else been having problems with receiving the same messages on
>at-l several times?......like every time I get my mail!
>IL Fltlandr@aol.com